19th International Congress of Speleology Officers and Organizing Committee

To conduct the organization of the 19th ICS, the Brazilian Speleological Society (SBE) has elected, so far, the following people and posts:

  • President of Honor: José Ayrton Labegalini
  • Chairman: Allan Calux
  • Vice-Chairman: Jocy Brandão Cruz
  • Secretary: Cláudia Pessoa
  • Treasurer: Paulo Arenas
  • Scientific Coordinator: Rodrigo Lopes Ferreira
  • UIS Representative: Nivaldo Colzato
  • Public relations: Camilla Eboli

Contact: committee@speleo2025.org

Dozens of other collaborators will join the main group to compose the whole team that will transform the 19th ICS project into reality in July 2025.

It was agreed, by consensus, that all positions must be held by members of the SBE or Brazilian speleo teams involved with institutional speleology.

Preference, therefore, will be given to collaborators who, in some way, have contributed to the development of Brazilian speleology and mainly to the strengthening of the SBE.

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