The venue

After analyzing some of the best options in Belo Horizonte to properly hold the UIS congress, the 19th ICS organizers decided on Minascentro Convention Center.

Occupying an entire city center block in the heart of BH, Minascentro has in front the most visited tourist spot in Belo Horizonte—the Mercado Central (Central Market)—and is close to a complete commercial center, with a wide range of restaurants, flats, hotels and tourist attractions. Located just 15 minutes walk from the main bus station, Minascentro is 45 km from Confins International Airport and 9 km from Pampulha domestic one.

With a total area of ​30,164 m²—13,000 m2 available for events—it is divided as follows:

  • 3 Floors
  • 6 Auditoriums
  • 18 Meeting Rooms
  • 2 Theaters (the biggest with 1,715 seats)
  • Parking (80 spaces)
  • Business Center
  • VIP Room
  • Ticket Offices

Built in 1926 to house the Health Department of Minas Gerais, Minascentro has Neoclassical style architecture and is listed by the Historic Heritage of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte. In 1982 work began on the adaptation and construction of theatres, auditoriums and exhibition areas. At the end of 2019, yet another renovation was completed, this time to adapt and modernize the building, which is now perfectly ready to hold events with up to 10.000 attendees.

We are sure that the participants of the 19th ICS will find at Minascentro all the facilities to fully enjoy the event.

19th ICS
19th ICS

The main entrance and general view of the Minascentro Convention Center, the venue of the 19th ICS: 13,000 m2 available for events.

19th ICS
19th ICS

The two main theaters of the Minascentro Convention Center.

19th ICS
19th ICS

Two of the six auditoriums and two of the 18 meeting rooms available at the event complex.

19th ICS
19th ICS

Areas in different sizes and formats provide flexible options for each activity of the congress.

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