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To submit an abstract (step 1) or a paper (step 2), a single corresponding author is identified in step 1. The name will be underlined in the list. They are not necessarily the first author but they will have to be registered at the congress and present the paper. This registration to the congress can be done later. The corresponding author opens a registration on this site. They submit an abstract (step 1) and adds their co-authors. As far as possible, no more than 12 authors will be accepted for a proposal.

  • Karst, heritage and resources
  • Caving and explorations
  • Cave deposits
  • Speleogenesis, geomorphology
  • Karst hydrogeology, physical Chemistry
  • Climatology
  • Biology, Subterranean life
  • Archeology and Paleontology in caves
  • Topography, Mapping, 3D, Documentation
  • History of Speleology
  • Pseudokarst
  • Glacier, firn, and ice caves
  • Artificial cavities
  • Volcanic caves
  • Education, materials and techniques
  • Cave Rescue
  • Cave diving
  • Socio-economic aspects - School projects about caves and caving
  • Medicine, health
  • 60 years of the UIS

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